First post–3 Groovy Things In My Room!

Well, I’ve gone off and done it. After promising (threatening?) that I would and after everyone giving me crap about it, I caved in and got myself all WordPressified. I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks to Matt over at X-Entertainment, Bill, Kittymao, Squee, Mystie, Guise, and a bunch of others for giving me the inspiration. Right, now on to it.

For my first post, I had a really groovy idea but it all centered around being able to use a video that’s stuck in the miniuniverse inside my phone. However, my phone refuses to allow me to upload it anywhere–something about the MB being too high or some jazz, so I had to scrap that idea. It reminds me of in The Real Ghostbusters cartoon when they would go into the Containment Unit and hang out with all the ghosts flying around in there. But unlike Samhain and The Boogyman, somewhere in my phone is the video I want, stubbornly refusing the leave. Maybe after all the pics you’re about to see fly back into the phone they’ll tell the video how great a time they had out here and coax him into coming out. Anyways, for this one, I decided to do the next best thing I could think of. I looked around my room and thought, “Wow, what’s in here that I could ramble on about for a whole post?” I found 3 things that represent a lot of what you’ll be seeing around here–namely me being all goofy and nostalgic about my childhood. So, without further adoo-da-doo, I present 3 Groovy Things In My Room!

1) First off is one of my favoritest things in the whole world. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember and I enjoy using it just about every day. Get your mind out of the gutter. No, I present to you: Ms. Pac-Man Mug!


Because I took this with my phone, the picture was a little smaller than I wanted, but I really wanted to get a full shot of it, especially since I went through the trouble to put that cool green twisty straw in there as a prop. I’ve actually never used that straw but I’ll get round to it soon enough. See those 4 green things stacked up in the background there? That’s sweet & sour sauce from McDonald’s. I like to stockpile whatever’s left over when I have my nuggets. 99% of the time I’m a BBQ guy, but there’s something about the sweet & sour at McD’s. Anyway, moving on. The mug is usually filled with Dr. Pepper (cause it’s the greatest liquid on this planet since water), but last fall round about Halloween I went through a 6 week bender where I drank nothing but Cranberry Splash Sierra Mist. You can thank X-E for that one. Every time I have a sip out of this thing I’m instantly transported back to when I was a kid and INSISTED on using this every night for dinner. I’ve had Alvin and the Chipmunks glass mugs, the famous Batman Forever ones with all the characters etched in, and another favorite plastic cup I got from a gas station with a bunch of Halloween characters on it, but good ole’ Ms. Pac-Man has always been my standby.

A little research tells us that all the ghosts in the game have names and that’s Blinky that’s chasing her. Among the Pac-Man elistest circles he’s unofficially known as Cruise Elroy. I don’t know if there are heated debates that take place among Pac-Manophiles about this but if there are I don’t want to be in the middle of it. Apparently he’s known for speeding up after a certain number of dots on the board are eaten. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture but Ms. Pac-Man must have just put away a lot of dots cause he’s all up on her like white on rice, but from the look on her face she sure doesn’t seem to mind. I never thought when I was a kid that I would think the chick on my favorite mug would turn out to be such a hussy but looking at her now with that come-hither look and those high heels, she’s just asking for it. Let’s take a look at the back:

In case you’re not familiar with the trippy light show the Pacs live in, you can check it out right here. When I was a kid I used to love to imagine what I would do if I were playing the game and it was paused to this exact moment. It looks like Packy’s doing alright. She’s got a couple of lives down there in the bottom left corner and a bunch of fruit down there in the right. She must be pretty far along in the game cause there’s no way she scored that fruit on this level cause if you notice she actually hasn’t eaten much of anything. They loose a little credibility points here cause they made all the ghosts red, when we all know that they come in different colors, but you know, whatever. Looks like there’s only one way she can go here, and that’s to head to the bottom left cause she’s pretty much blocked in everywhere else. If it were me, I would hang out down there right next to the big Power Pellet (yeah, I looked it up, that’s what it’s called) and wait to draw those fuckers in. I think we’re all familiar with that strategy. Then you just go apeshit and chase ’em all about the shop. Then you have that panic moment when they start blinking. In my later years, I’ve discovered that it’s all about using those doors on the side that allow you to disappear on one side and reappear on the other. As a kid I never used them and thusly never got farther than the second level. Alright, I’ve just about exhausted everything that could be said about my mug here.

2) Alright, in keeping with the spirit of childhood eating accessories, I present for your approval……Masters of the Universe TV Tray!!!

As a kid I was always more of a Transformers guy than a G.I. Joe one, but above all there was He-Man. This is another thing that I’ve had for as long as I can remember. For some reason when I transferred this over to the blog it inverted the image. As I look at it sitting on the floor in front of me, everything’s backwards from how you guys see it. I chalk it up to the ghosts in my phone just playing tricks on me again. As you can see, we got Teela on the right there, He-Man in the middle, Orko near the bottom, and Man-At-Arms on the left. I don’t know why He-Man decided to just throw his shield down like that, but he doesn’t seem too worried about it. What you can’t see in this dodgy picture (I’m SO getting a digital camera next week) is that He-Man is staring straight ahead with a dopey grin on his face. Man-At-Arms and Orko are looking off to the side primed for some attack. Figures. He-Man’s all mugging for the camera, leaving everyone else to fight off Mer-Man or whoever’s about to fly in. I think I know what they’re afraid of though. In case you can’t make out, it’s at the bottom center of the tray along the edge. I tried to take a picture of it but had some trouble uploading it, so I’ll fill you in.

It’s fucking Skeletor with snakes coming out of his head! SHOOTING FLAMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS! By far the best part of the tray. And if you notice, the flames are flowing up the sides of the tray and meeting at the top. It looks like Man-At-Arms and Orko are the only 2 worried about it. You know, this is really the total opposite of the show though. From what I remember, He-Man and Teela got the job done while Orko just screwed up and Uncle Mustache over there just got himself kidnapped all the time. Maybe the people who made this tray wanted to give those 2 a break and make us think better of them. Anyway, even though the legs on this old bitch are kind of rickety I still use it. The only other thing I have left of the huge He-Man collection of my youth is Snout Spout. At one time I almost had them all, but my mom packed them up in the trunk of the car one day and gave them away to my cousins without asking me first. The ones that didn’t become dog toys got tied to bottle rockets or god knows what. Oh well, I still got my wonky tray.

3) Girl Scout Cookies! Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. Everyone. If you don’t you hate America and you want the terrorists to win. Right now I’ve got a box of the Peanut Butter Patties and a box of the Thin Mints. Let’s talk about the PB P’s first cause they’re my fave.

Aside from the ungodly amounts of Dr. Pepper I consume on a regular basis, I’ve also got a serious Reese’s Cup habit. I’m convinced both those things were invented by the government to keep the white man down. Well, this white man anyway. The Girl Scouts PB Patties are the closest you can come to the sheer heaven that is a Reesy cup in cookie form. Now, I’m a yearly consumer of these things and I know my stuff. The first thing I noticed upon opening them was that this year they’re doing something different. They’re wrapped in a space age silver foil deal. Also, look at the size.

It’s waaaaay smaller than it used to be. I remember when these things were at least a good 50% bigger than they are now. And this isn’t one of those, “oh, everything was bigger when you were a kid” deals. It seemed like just last year a cookie would fill up the whole palm of my hand. Anyway, I don’t care what they gotta do. I don’t know what they put in these things to make them so good, but if it’s ground up girl scouts, then I’ll go round them up myself. I want more cookie!

Now, I’ve got something to confess. I’m kind of OCD about a few things. One of them is I don’t like opening a box of something if I’m not done with the one I’m using. Like, I might have 45 boxes of cereal in the house, every one a different kind, but I WILL NOT open another box until I’ve eaten all of the box that’s currently open. That’s the way it is with the Thin Mints, so I haven’t opened them yet. So, I don’t know if there’s anything fun or weird about the packaging inside. I seem to remember from last year that they come in two long plastic tubes, but if they’re going all silver foil now and cutting back on how many girls they’re grinding up, who knows what they’ve done to the Mints. Anyway, here’s the box:

What you may or may not be able to see from the picture there is that it’s a girl with a rope tied around her waste, hanging from a tree with a grin on her face as big as the day is long. Yeah, enjoy it while you last, scoutie. I’m coming for you. You and your whole badge wearing coven. Apparently you’re not aware of my PB Patty making plan. Soon enough you’ll be ground into an enormous cookie that will rest precariously upon my rickety He-Man dinner tray. And I shall enjoy every bite as I sip from my Ms. Pac-Man mug.

This I command! Mwah-hah-hah-haaaah!


26 Responses to “First post–3 Groovy Things In My Room!”

  1. Hell yes! So glad you decided to join the blogging community. I can’t wait to read the great posts to come. Good for you brother.

  2. Hey DJ D, congratulations on getting to WordPress and well done on the first article, it was a brilliant read!

    Your McD dips stockpile is a bit like my Dominos Pizza dip stockpile, only mine is 90% garlic and herb – though BBQ is second, with sweet chilli following. Dominos honey mustard can take a flying leap.

    Is that one of the metal trays that warps slightly if you put any pressure on it and then springs back with a series of popping noises, and does the same damn thing after you lift a hot bowl off of it. I can’t remember what was on our trays, just the noises they’d make because of the thin pressed metal.

  3. Very cool first post! It took you awhile to sign up but you kicked it off with a bang, impressive. I’ve got a second blog that I registered a YEAR ago this month and it still only has a “stay tuned!” intro post. Because I’m lame.
    Love the ode to Ms. P. How post-women’s movement, “Ms.” instead of “Miss”. I may have to steal your “3 groovy things” idea here.

  4. Hey dj. d.
    so, another blog to satisfy my daily nostalgia fix, Eh?
    huzzah! but I feel like I’m out of the loop for not having one myself..who knows, maybe it’ll happen someday.

    be seein you ’round the ol’ internets.

  5. Hi DJD. I really love that glass/mug thing. Very cool. Welcome!

  6. Billy, Yeah, when I was picking out backgrounds I wanted to find one that didn’t look like anyone else’s, but after picking my first choice I noticed that it looked exactly like yours. After designing it, it looked like a giant bat had eaten all the Veggie Macabre vegetables. Well, after some sagely advice from Mystie, I realized we can’t have that, so I went with this one. Hope to see you hang out here as much as I hang out around your place.

    Guise, I have no idea why McD’s S&S sauce is so much better than anyone else’s. I’m a big fan of BBQ so it’s gotta be something. Wait. Maybe it’s ground up girl scouts. Yeah, that’s my go-to excuse from here on. If I can’t explain the tasty goodness of something from here on out, it’s ground up scouts.

    Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of tray it is. It’s got loads of dents and warps all in it, but still holds up alright. Right now I’ve got a fan on it, jacked up to HIGH cause it’s hot as blazes in here. Summers in SC are not fun.

    Squee4242, I don’t know how I would manage 2 blogs. As it is, I’ve got Myspace and now this thing. I’ve decided to keep them completely seperate though. Anything related to Dj’ing will be found on the Myspace. Everything else I want to talk about I’ll go into here. I got dragged kicking and screaming into MySpace as it was and decided to use it mostly as a networking tool for all my Dj’ing stuff. Plus, the blogging feature over there sucks anyway. Feel free to steal away on the idea. Yeah, Ms. P and I have been through a lot of good times together. She was there for the great Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash bender of ’07, and she’s as excited as I am about whatever nutty sodas we’ll be seeing this coming Halloween season. Although I’d rather not know what she and Blinky get up to when I’m not around. That’s her business. Just keep it on the outside of the mug, please. Some of us have to drink out of that thing.

    JoshC, Yeah, you should totally sign up. Now that I’m indoctrinated, it’s alright. I’ve got a few ones that I visit on a reguar basis when I make the rounds, and that number seems to be slowly growing. From what I understand, Dohopoki and Shaunfu are supposed to have great ones too but I haven’t checked them out yet. See ya around.

  7. Great first article but I gotta point out one thing…”It’s fucking Serpentor with snakes coming out of his head!” It’s not Serpentor it’s Skeletor! Lol! But I do like the 3 neat things idea, when I get off my duff and update my blog I may borrow the idea if you don’t mind.

  8. Dan What the??? Oh for crying out loud! See, this is what happens you stay up till 9:00 in the morning hammering out your first blog. I totally meant Skeletor. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it right now. Oh, and thanks for stopping by. After doing a little proofreading/editing here I’ll return the favor and check yours out.

  9. I think I might have to borrow your “groovy things” Idea too, gotta write about something, and I’ve got some nifty stuff.

    Like you, I too have gotten all wordpress-ified.

  10. JoshC, Right on! Good to hear it. Let us know when you get it up and running. Looking forward to reading it. Wow, more and more people are getting drafted into the WordPress cult. This is, of course, all part of my master plan to take over the world. The next step is to raise my own army of the undead.

  11. joshc665 Says:

    An army of the undead who only need dj d’s speacial “girlscout” cookies for their sole means of sustinence.

    up and running as we speak.

  12. They come in all flavors, by the way. You should see the finger sandwiches.

    “They’re coming to get you Baarr-ba-ra!”

  13. Geez DJ D I was thinking of being NICE to you and post a comment on your first blog article and I come over here and see you have a bazillion well wishes ova here!!

    The Ms. Pacman mug rocks my socks. I want one.

    I love BBQ sauce on my chicken nuggets too. That reminds me I have about half of a box of frozen ones in the freezer…

    I don’t eat girl scout cookies. Too freakin’ expensive!

  14. XD, great to see you, DJ D! I’ll be frequenting here, not to mention linking this place to my own blog. Can’t stop me, nyah, nyah, nyah. ^^

    I’m so doing the 3 things post. Heh. My room’s a MESS.

    That mug is 7 different kinds of win. *Thumbs up* And yeah, GS cookies piss me off these days cuz as soon as I find one I like, the troops in my area stop selling them, forcing me to have to go to extreme measures, like buying them from that shady Resident Evil 4 merchant with the funny accept and the flasher cloak. Whoa….run on sentence, much Dio?? XD

  15. kittymao Says:

    Good on you DJ D! I’ve always wanted to check out your stuff, but have this thing against even hovering over LINKS to MySpace so I haven’t had the chance. Now That your Here amoung Us, I’m gonna check out your shit more often. Which will be na increase from ZERO. So- Yeah… I should also put you on my blogroll so I don’t have to hunt you down.

  16. joshc665 Says:

    When asked what the best way to enjoy DJ d’s cookies, Capt Rhodes of day of the dead fame simply replied “CHOKE ON ‘EM!!!”

  17. Annette Says:

    Hey dude. I added you to my blogroll.

    I haven’t had a Girl Scout cookie in quite some time. I don’t even know where you can buy them.

  18. I got my GS cookies from my little cousins who are selling them this year. I think this might be their last year doing it cause they’re all growing up. I’ve been kind of sitting on these two boxes for a while and haven’t seen any in a while so I don’t know if they’re still out there or not. But, I just want to state for the record that if there’s a shortage of girlscouts around I swear I had nothing to do with it. Nope, not little old me…ahem…Not one bit.

    Wow, I really appreciate everyone commenting so much on my first one. I promise I’ll be returning the favor on all of yours. It just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. Then again, that could be GS Troop #23. They always give me trouble on the way down (Did I say that outloud?). Must be something in the batter. Oh, and I’ll be giving all you guys the blogroll treatment as well. Wow, my little corner of the blogosphere is just growing by leaps and bounds over here.

    jdevore Thanks for stopping by!

    Dio Dude, the Merchant rocked! RE4 is in my opinion one of the best games I’ve ever played, ever, ever. It might be a contender for being the all time best actually, if you don’t count nostalgic stuff like Tetris and whatnot, but you can’t really put that in the same category. And SO much hinged on management of money and ammo and what was in your briefcase. You get extra points for making an RE4 reference!…”Pleasure doing business with you…”

    JoshC, While I’m passing out points, you too get extra points for a Day of the Dead reference, my friend–my personal fave of all of Romero’s “Dead” series. To this day I haven’t seen practical SFX that look that good. Savini hit the peak of his career right there. I’ve got the remake on my Netflix list and haven’t seen it yet but I’m terrified to see how they’ve managed to butcher it. I might write a blog about it. Actually, that sounds like a good idea….”Come on Bub. It’s your Aunt Elisha. Say, ‘Hello, Aunt Elisha!'”

  19. joshc665 Says:

    If I could have a Zombie like Bub for a friend I’d be a happy man.
    And that LouisXIV song is calledGuilt by assosiation

  20. Thanks, I might have to see if we have them in the library at the radio station.

  21. kittymao Says:

    If I was gonna have a zombie for a friend, it’d have to be like FIDO. Y’all zombie lovers shoudl check that out- Carrie Ann Moss in a retro 50’s Party Dress? Oh yes…

  22. joshc665 Says:

    Kittymao, thank you!!
    A few weeks back I was trying to remember the name of A movie that a friend had told me to check out, and I kept thinking Benji(its a dogs name see..)

  23. I’m looking forward to Fido. It’s in my Netflix queue, grouped together with Play Dead, Night of the Living Dead 3D, the Day of the Dead remake (groan), Diary of the Dead, Flight of the Living Dead (think Zombies on a Plane) and one called Black Sheep about mutent Were-sheep in New Zealand.

  24. Myuu hu hu….wotta ya buyin? My friend actually did that as a costume to sell stuff at a swap meet one year….and he hid all the goods in the cloak. XD

    XD Yeah, RE4 was great but my personal favs are Animal Crossing, Smash Bros, NiGHTS, Tetris and Mario Kart DS. Shout out to Silent Hill, Fatal Frame and Eternal Darkness.

    Methinks I must partake in all these mentioned zombie movies.

  25. […] isn’t quite MTV ‘Cribs’, but I was inspired by DJ D’s recent post of 3 Groovy things in his Room and a desire to do another vlog, so I’ve done just a little tour of the disaster area known […]

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