9 Days Till The Dark Knight and Batman’s Delivering My Pizza!

I am a terrible person. A terrible, awful, neglectful person. If this blog were my child, I should be taken away in handcuffs and shamed by my neighbors. Yes, I left it in the custody of you nuts, and I appreciate that you’ve bothered to check in from time to time. My statistics page says that you’ve done your part. However, while I was busy going to Megaparties and talking about horror movies and planning wild and crazy trips to the beach with all of you, my poor little blog sat here all alone, save for the occasional loyal visitor looking for updates that were never there. Well, today friends, I’m here to say I’ve turned over a new leaf. I hath seen the error of me ways, and as I sit here at 4:30am on a Wednesday morning, I embark on what will be a writing frenzy the likes of which haven’t been seen since a certain someone decided he would vow to write a new article every day of the summer for a party that can only be described as Mega. Ok, maybe I’m just being a little dramatic, but the point is, there’s a certain movie coming out in a little over a week that’s got me so giddy you’d think somebody up and shot sunshine straight up my skirt. The following will be just the first of many related articles in the coming days. I give you…..THE DOMINO’S DARK KNIGHT PIZZA BOX!

If you know anything about me, it’s that I’ve been obsessed with all things Batman since Jesus was a junebug. My level of Batman nerdiness ventures into that of the Trekkie, meaning if there was a comparable thing to Trekkies for Batman people, I’d be right up there. So for that reason, all the posts I write between now and next Friday will be Batty somehow, and I’ve got a few I’m cooking up so I hope to keep you guys entertained fairly well as we all wait for the big day to arrive. And who knows, after the obligatory movie review that will come sometime next weekend, I still might find something Bat-related to ramble on about. But, let’s kick this thing off with the pizza I ordered tonight.

Domino’s is all up in The Dark Knight. Their website is super decked out in contests and promos and shit. The way it works is you have to order The Gotham City Pizza Special. It’s basically a large pepperoni pizza, with 50% more pepperoni than usual for $9.99, and by ordering it online you gain access to The Dark Knight Vault, which contains exclusive clips, downloads and the chance to win all kinds of prizes, such as $10,000, autographed goods, and a Dark Knight Xbox 360 Elite. Apparently, only 110 of this thing exists. So, obviously I had to jump all over this. But, here’s the thing, it’s not just the stuff on the website that’s cool, it’s the freaking box the pizza comes in! Once I found out that there’s a Batman related pizza box out there, I HAD TO HAVE IT! So, tonight I made a little call. It turns out, there’s 4 of these things total. Each one has a different thing on the bottom that you can cut out to form your very own Batman costume. Don’t get too excited. It’s not exactly as fancy or complicated as it sounds. It’s more like, if you happen to have a cardboard Batman costume laying around, Dominos throws you some accessories, but still…..it’s a mother effin’ black Gotham City themed pizza box!

Now, in my excitement I made a bit of a mistake. See all the aformentioned groovy stuff you get in the previous paragraph by ordering online? Well, that’s just it. You have to order it online. Instead, I called my order in cause I wanted to make extra sure that it would be delivered in the Gotham City box, not noticing the rules and such, so I don’t have access to The Dark Knight Vault just yet, which sadly is a high priority in my life right now. But, seeing as there are 3 more of these bad boys to collect, I’ll have more chances. This promotion only runs through July though, so I better get on it. Oh, and one of the perks of getting into The Vault, is you get access to a super secret new trailer that’s only available there. It’s not gonna be on TV or attached to any other movies. To that I say, “Hey, Domino’s, let me introduce you to a little upstart called YouTube. You might wanna look into it. I hear good things.”

So, I called them up and waited my 30 minutes, and just like I thought it would, my phone rang cause the pizza guy couldn’t find my place. I just moved here 2 weeks ago and for the first week I could barely find it myself, so I had to walk up the driveway and wave him on in. My heart pounded in an-ti-ci-pa-tion as I jogged back up the driveway and into the house to retrieve my wallet. As I turned around he was standing in the doorway holding…THIS!

Every square inch of this thing is filled with little things to keep me excited before I even opened it. I must have spent 10 minutes looking at it, forgetting that there was food inside. There are quizzes you can take to find out if you’re Batman or The Joker. There are secret codes to get into The Vault. There are warnings not to feed the bats. Hell, even the title and slug line of the pizza is cool–THE GOTHAM CITY PIZZA: CLOAKED IN PEPPERONI. DELICIOUSLY MYSTERIOUS. But, one of the coolest things I saw was printed on the little corners that fold inward on the front. You almost wouldn’t notice it if you weren’t looking for it. It says:



“Crushing forces of evil!” Fuck yeah! I’m telling you folks, I haven’t been this excited since the Batmania of ’89. Anyway, like I said, you get accessories to form your own Bat-Suit. I asked the guy if the next time I called if I could ask for a specific box and he said it depended on how cool the person answering the phone was, so maybe I’ll get to collect all 4. Tonight I snagged this one, arguably the best of the 4:

Of course, I won’t be cutting up my box. I have no idea where I’m gonna store these things once I get my pizza-greased little hands on them, but here are the other 3:

I think just the bat chest symbol is pretty rad. I’ll always have a place in my heart for the yellow oval, but this is pretty cool too. I’m not sure what ordering 3 more of these pizzas is going to do to my physique over the next month, considering I only ate half of tonight’s pizza. Plus, I love pepperoni and all, but having 150% of a serving is a bit much. I was kinda wishing that the city of Gotham had an affinity for mushrooms or something….you know, anything to throw some variety in there. They should do a Two-Face themed one, split down the middle, with like half pepperoni, half hamburger. Or, a Joker one, where the toppings are layed out to look like a Joker face. Come on, Domino’s! I mean, that Two-Face thing was a gimme. Luckily, Domino’s just happens to be my favorite out of all the big pizza delivery chains, so this is still an all-around win for me.

Ok, prepare for a change in tone. I hate to end this one on a downer, but I really wanted to mention something else before I wrapped this up. This may not mean much to you non comic book readers out there, but this seriously bummed me out this week. On a serious note, a few days ago the comic book industry lost one of its best talents. Michael Turner lost his battle with bone cancer at the age of 37.

He not only was one of the biggest names in comics, but he was my personal favorite comic book artist ever. I don’t say that just because I’m trying to pay tribute to him. He really was my all-time favorite. His style was one that hadn’t really been seen before and it somewhat resembles the one that I’m slowly trying to achieve (actually, that’s just wishful thinking, I only WISH I could even be anywhere near the same league as that guy). From everything I’ve read about him the last couple of days, he never complained and was just a happy guy who loved life. Most people had no idea he was as sick as he was. I remember that a few years ago he took a hiatus from his company, Aspen Comics, because he was in the hospital for a while.

That was the first time that I, and most fans, found out that he was sick at all. He bounced back from that and got back to work straight away and was fully confident that he had beaten the cancer. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I think this is also hitting home to me in a big way because one of my own personal best friends, someone who is practically like a sister to me, has been battling it for a few years now. After years of health problems since she was kid, from dialysis, to having a kidney transplant, to now cancer, she is slowly losing the fight. But despite it all, her character is the same as Turner’s. She never complains and always finds a way to make a joke out of things, no matter how serious they’re getting. She is one of the strongest people I’ll ever know. Sadly, it’s a strong possibility she won’t make it to the end of the year.

If you just want to check out an amazing artist, even if you care nothing about comics, check out Michael Turner’s stuff. He was one of my idols and I only wish I could have met him, if only just to shake his hand and tell him that he’s the reason why I’m chasing after a silly artist’s dream and making sure there’s a pencil in my hand every day, working to be where he was. He will be missed.

Here’s his rendition of the big man…Batman, I mean. Oh, there’s some other guy in the picture too.

29 Responses to “9 Days Till The Dark Knight and Batman’s Delivering My Pizza!”

  1. Those pizza boxes are pretty cool! I’m not a big fan of pizza, but my affinity and love for Spiderman is the same as yours for Batman. So, if they were selling crackers in a Spiderman box, I would definitely buy it!

    It’s sad to hear about Michael Turner and also your friend. Cancer is a bitch! It’s worse knowing that person is going to die and knowing you can’t do anything about it!

    On a side note…sorry haven’t been able to check out your show. Things have been hectic at work and I’m so tired when I get home I just forget. I think you do have to send the troops guns a blazin’ through my windows to remind me. Or I’ll just surprise everyone and show up when least expected, like a ninja in the night.

  2. Hey, don’t worry about it. Work has kept me so busy lately it’s part of the reason why I haven’t updated around here as long as I would have. I do appreciate you checking in though. Later on this evening I’m going to be reading all my regular blogs, yours included, and will be dropping some comments. I realized that although I read yours all the time I don’t think I ever write anything over there, so expect me to be a new regular from here on out. Least I can do for you hanging out here all the time.

    I’m working on setting up podcasts of the show now that I’ve got a decent enough internet connection that my computer can handle it. It just depends on which way works best for me. There are a lot of options out there, but I hope to have it all set up somehow in the next few weeks. Of course I’ll be making announcements through MySpace and here too once I do. It’s pretty fun. We have a chat room set up, and Dan, Dio, JoshC, Squee, and sometimes Guise or Bill all stop by and we chat it up the whole time I’m doing the show. They’re sort of my research department. I’ll be rambling on about some old TV show or movie and I’ll have some question about it and the next thing you know they’re sending me the exact link I needed for whatever it was I was talking about. I hope they don’t think they’re on the payroll. Oh, and there are audio punishments doled out for misbehavior. You’ll have to ask them about that.

    I think I’ll plant someone outside your house in a scary clown outfit and have them knock on the door. When you answer it, they’ll be standing in the street, slowly waving at you. That motivation enough? That ninja in the night thing works too.

  3. Well, this work week has been hectic, but I actually have nothing to do right now!!! Sweet Jeebus!!! I still have an hour to go, but I can spend it screwing off on the internet now! I really do make an effort to check out everyone’s blogs cause I know how we all make an effort to post. I appreciate you checking my blog out too. I know not evryone can comment all the time, but it’s nice to know the audience is still there lingering in the shadows somewhere.

    I keep hearing of said chat room, but I don’t know where to find it. I remember Josh or maybe Dan mentioning something about AOL, but I wasn’t totally sure. And I don’t know if I should be left alone to scour the web looking for it. There’s scary things on the internet ya know…like PORN! Too much searching may leave me sitting in a fetal position in the corner wiping my snot with my sleeve! So, it behooves you to let me know of this infamous chat room and the brick road I take to get there.

    Bring on the clowns! However, I may challenge them to a balloon animal making contest and confuse them. I have the Jedi mind trick stuff down!

  4. The way it works is you just sign up for a free AIM account with AOL. Just Google AIM or something and you should find it. Then, once you have your screen name, just IM me at the station when I’m on the air. My AIM handle in the studio is: wusconair. Dan or JoshC usually sets the chat room up, and all they have to do is know what your screen name is, and they’ll send you an IM invite to the chat room. You just accept it, and boom, you’re in. You can either let me know what your screen name is, or just tell one of them directly. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, I promise.

  5. I cannot wait to see this movie.
    It’s going to be a super fun time, and I wish I had a dominos here, I want one of those boxes.
    Didja pick up the gotham knight??

    Very sad about Michael Turner, I’m not too familiar with is work but I am going to check it out.

    So sorry to hear about your friend, she sounds like a super lady.

    Glad to have you back, keep em comin.

  6. “It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, I promise.”

    Well if you don’t take the hazing into account.

    Look me up DC. Joshc31g.

  7. Haven’t got Gotham Knight yet, unfortunately. I did some shopping at Target yesterday and was hoping they had it there. They did, but only the cheaper edition, and I wanted the special one. It’s like $10 more but it has more special features and stuff. I’m waiting till I can find one of those. Actually, what I really want is the Blu Ray one but it’ll be a while before I get my PS3 so I wouldn’t be able to even play it anyway. Trust me, as soon as I get my hands on it, you’ll know. I’ll be writing something about it.

  8. Annette Says:

    Domino’s is pretty awesome but now they are ten times more awesome. Because those pizza boxes kick massive amounts of ass. I love little funny details like that.

    Glad to see you posting again! I’m about to get busy with some serious posting myself.

  9. Hey there, Annette! Thanks for stopping by again. So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Looking forward to reading whatever you’ve got coming up.

    Hey guys, I’m gonna make the blog rounds and announce this everywhere, but I most likely won’t be able to do the show this coming Monday (sadface). I’ll let you know for sure by Sunday though. So sorry.

  10. You know, the biggest reason I haven’t started a new blog is the need to come up with a new name/identity, but “CLOAKED IN PEPPERONI. DELICIOUSLY MYSTERIOUS.” is sounding pretty inspirational 😉

    Add some twine. Now you’re Batman, sort of. I love it!

  11. I think that’s how I’m going to describe you to strangers from here on out.

  12. kittymao Says:

    I wish you had more boxes so you could put on your nifty cardboard BAT SUIT. maaan. Those pieces are just screaming to be worn.

  13. kittymao, Yeah, I think I’ve decided I’m going to maybe order one more of these things before the end of the promotion because I want to get access to The Vault on their website, but after that I’m going to hit up E-Bay for the remaining 2 boxes. I really want them, but I can’t see myself trying to put away 3 more large extra-pepperoni pizzas between now and the 27th, when the promotion ends. It’s just too fattening, and like I said, while I like pepperoni, I don’t like that much pepperoni. I just wish The Gotham City pizza had more variety to it.

    If I had a cardboard Bat-Suit, I would so be wearing it right now. And there would be pictures. You better believe there would be pictures.

  14. I can’t believe I missed this! Sorry DJ D, I was trying to keep your blog in check while you were gone, I just looked away for a second and THIS happens! I guess I’m not up for the responsibilty yet.
    Sorry to hear about your friend, if there’s anything I can do to help or if you just need someone to talk to just let me know.
    I read about Michael Turner’s death, I’m sad to say I’m not familiar with his work. I’ve been out of comics for a while now, just picking up the occasional graphic novel here and there when I can. Looking at what you posted I wish now I’d have seen it sooner, he drew some amazing looking stuff.
    And as for the pizza, I wish I could handle Domino’s because I dig the boxes but my nephew worked there for a bit and I got so sick of their pizza I can’t eat it to this day. That trailer was pretty sweet though.

  15. Thanks a lot for the support, Dan. I’ll forgive you this time. I think I’ll be writing another one tonight, so you’ll have plenty of chances to redeem yourself. I have no room to talk though. I haven’t exactly been Jonny-on-the-spot over at your place either. I’m heading over there in a few minutes though so I’ll try to catch up.

    I understand what you mean about Domino’s. I’ve worked at several restaurants that I just have no desire to go back into again cause I got so sick of it. I hang out at T.G.I. Fridays all the time only because I have a good friend who’s a bartender there and it’s fun to hang out with him and get hooked up with free stuff, but their food sucks and after years of working there on and off myself many moons ago I’ve more than had my fill.

  16. Okay…so I didn’t come by for the show last night. I let Dan know I may not make it. But, in my defense, I wasn’t sure if you were doing the show since you had posted earlier that you may not. So, really, I blame you! Ok, ok…it was my fault for falling asleep early. I accept my punishment of public humiliation that I have coming…sigh.

  17. Um, just barely read on X-E that you didn’t do the show. So, I’m off the hook…whew!

  18. I have to share this because dammit you just need to know.
    I rarely eat fast food because I know something HORRIFYING, I worked at a local pizza joint for 3 days, reeeaal shady place, one of the guys working there actually sold drugs out of the place, anyway, they had absolutely no regard for cleanliness or food preparation standards, I got bitched at because when I knocked a bowl of saucy chicken wings on the unbelievably filthy floor I didn’t just put them back in the bowl and forget about it.

    Enjoy your meal folks.

  19. DC, Yeah, I’ll let you slide this time. I guess it’s me that’s deserving of the public humiliation and flogging this week for playing hooky. You better be there next week though, buddy, or we’ll hunting you down like a dog.

    Like a dog.

    JoshC, Well, that’s just disgusting. Most of the restaurants I’ve worked at have been corporate chain type places and their standards for cleanliness are pretty high. I did see at one place though, and I won’t say the name (*cough,O’Charley’s,cough*) a cook drop a hamburger on the floor and pick it right back up and put back on the grill. I guess his logic was that the cooking would kill all the germs. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but still it was a little shady to me. I guess the 5 Second Rule is pretty universal.

  20. kittymao Says:

    I uaed to work at a Round Table Pizza in HS, and I just recently got back the gall to eat it again. That was like… 10 years ago. And well… Round Table just makes AWESOME FUCKING PIZZA.
    Whoever thought it would be a good idea to use barbecue sauce on a pizza- I LOVE YOU.

  21. I never worked in food, but my brother worked at Burger king when he was in High School and would bring home a lot of free food. After a while I was sick of Burger King. Actually I haven’t had it now in at least a year. I’m not a big fast food junkie.

  22. I’ve never even thought about ever putting bbq sauce on pizza. I guess it could work. I like both of those things individually so why not? Sounds good.

    Thanks for stopping by, dc12. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you round here before. Eating the same kind of food over and over can get pretty annoying no matter what it is, but especially if it’s fast food. I like Burger King but I could see how you could get sick of that real quick. One thing I can’t ever seem to get enough of though is Bojangles. I think they might just be regional to the southeast, but I’m not sure. There’s not one healthy thing about it, aside from maybe the protein you’re getting from the chicken, but it’s amazing.

  23. uhh, dude.
    Thats DC.

  24. Oh, yeah. Sorry DJD. It’s me ‘DC’. I switched my blog to wordpress. You may want to update my link on your blogroll.

  25. D’oh! Right, I’ll get on updating that right now. Welcome to the Weirdpress.

    And, um….as if I wasn’t further embarrassed, you may have mentioned this to me before (though I doubt I would have forgotten it), but I…uh…..kind of….thought you were a guy till now.

    If it makes you feel any better, judging from your little picture there, you’re not only clearly a girl, but kind of a looker.

    Oh, this is great. I don’t know who these people are and as soon as I do I go off and hit on them. Welcome to DJ D’s Great and Creepy Show folks! Slide up to the bar and fend off the advances of your creepy host! Prepare to hear such classic pick up lines as:

    Hey there foxy, like your avatar.

    So, how do you like to surf the net? I’m a Mozilla Firefox man myself.

    Wanna see my blogroll?

  26. Actually there was a funny situation recently where another blogger thought I was a guy. It’s cool. Ambiguouity is in, no?

    Creepy is nifty! I love the creepy..please don’t look me in the eye when I have a chest you can stare at instead.

    No worries DJD. I’m no longer incognito. I figured everybody else has a pic up so I may as well too.

    By the way, I’m using “Wanna see my blogroll?” this weekend.

  27. Yeah, I’m putting that in circulation. Feel free to do with it what you wish.

  28. Hell yeah! A Bat suit that smells like old pizza. Nothing better I tell you!

  29. […] getting the worst part of it out the way. A while back in this post, I mentioned that one of my best friends was battling cancer and most likely wouldn’t make it […]

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