Rumblings from inside the coffin…

There is a gentle stirring inside the coffin tonight. The leaves are dancing alive just outside. The feint scent of All Hallows Eve is in the air–a hellish beast riding a wave of black wind, rushing toward us. Soon, kids. Very soon. The slight breath of life inside this body is slowly growing into an excitement that forces my rotted hand to push open the lid of the old pine. I grip a handful of dirt, clawing my way to the surface, yearning for the company of you fellow demented ghouls. It’s been far too long since I enjoyed the company of all of your maddening scribbles, and a certain brand of entertainment that can be only described as “X.”

I think back on fond memories of giant purple ape juices, chicken flavored doritos, movie reviews and true words of wit from the land of snow topped mountains, cakes in the shapes of a feral beast, an amazing driven athlete–racing across this country to his destiny, like a bat out of some southern Hell, all the while tossing out the most ingenious insights you’ll ever know, images of the far east born from the hand of a wicked goddess, mirth and mayhem from the white north, and ramblings of the deepest perversions from across the pond. These and many others race across my twisted thoughts as I break the surface of this most unhollowed ground. I take a breath of haunted air and look toward the coming days of horror. There’s much to be said and I’ve slumbered for far too long…

24 Responses to “Rumblings from inside the coffin…”

  1. Can’t wait to see what’s coming! Glad to see some signs of life after such a long absence!

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I’ve been out of it for too long now. I miss you guys. Seriously missing me some X-E chat and reading all your blogs too.

  3. Wow your really good at writing. I felt the nippy fall air just by reading what you wrote 🙂

  4. Thanks Jodi. I’ve been working on getting some writing/artwork of the ground for a while now. I’ve got an idea for a comic/graphic novel I’d like to get out there, but it’s a slow process. I’m a total control freak, so I’ll want to write and draw the whole thing myself. I’m VERY protective and secretive about my fictional writing, almost to a fault, so very few people see it, but that’s really no way to get anything published.

    And I CAN’T WAIT for the cool air to show up here. I’ve been in the Halloween mood for months now (I think I always am, really), and I’m just waiting on the weather to catch up with me. We still have summer weather well into October here so it’s still insanely hot right now. Bring on the cold weather!

  5. I’ve got all my Halloween stuff ready. It’s already a bit cooler here (at least at night). I’m just waiting until Oct 1st to start putting stuff up. Don’t want to do it yet or my neighbors may think I’m more of a weirdo then they already do.

    As for you show. I will miss it again for a while. I have a bit of an issue with my internet connection at home and only have my backup dial up. Also I may have a friend staying with me for a bit. I do miss the show and it’s related shenanigans. I’ll try to come back soon.

  6. DC, Yeah, I’m waiting on Wal-Mart and Target to get fully stocked before I do any shopping, but probably will early next week. I can’t wait to put my stuff out. I don’t have much of a yard and since I live in a duplex I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to put outside in the yard, but the inside will be decorated well. I’ll probably not even take a lot of it down afterwards.

    The show will miss you too. Hope you get your net connection sorted out. I miss the shenanigans you bring to the table.

  7. DJD: I’ll try to get my butt back as soon as I can!

    I noticed you mentioned your artwork. I’m curious as to whether you do this for hobby only. I may be interested in some artwork, as I prefer the personal drawings/paintings of those I know over a Van Gogh. That is of course if you part with your creations. And nothing for free, of course. But let me know…I really would be interested.

  8. This isn’t a Dark Review, where am I?

  9. Doho your officially in the Twilight Zone!!

  10. DC, I have done it for $ in the past, and I still do occasionally–mostly portraits, but I’ll do just about anything you want. I do it now for the goal of actually getting paid full time as an illustrator. I’m still a ways off from that, but every little bit of practice helps. If you want to discuss it more, you can e-mail me or message me through MySpace. I can’t remember if you’re my “Friend” or not there. Just let me know, and I can hook you up with my e-mail address if you want.

    Nope, dohopoki, this is an honest-to-goodness NEW post! (Gasp!) And there’s more where this came from this weekend. Stay tuned…

  11. Oh brother you are back! And right on time to kick this season off right. Pretty soon we will be up to our skulls in Halloween reviews then Macy’s Day reviews and then Knacks. Oh the joyous last few months of the year. And it is official now that you are here.

  12. Billy, Well, I try. I hope you picked up on the subtle reference to you in the post there (well, maybe not so subtle). I know I missed a few folks, but I got Dan, you, Dio, Squee, Guise, and Josh in there (not necessarily in that order). To anyone else I missed (DC? Jodi? Doho?), my biggest apologies. I wrote that in a bit of a hurry. Just wanted to rattle one off to announce my return. Bigger and better posting to come very soon in the next few days. Mentioned or not, EVERY member of the Dark Entries Crew is near and dear to my black little heart. Just thought you should all know that.

  13. Love the shoutout. I did some outrageously silly cake making in the past weeks and it made me think about someone else’s cake making project…I’ll post some pics of mine soon, I think you might get some amusement out of it 😀

    I was sitting in math class last night, just bummed as hell that I couldn’t listen to the show. Hope it was as awesome as usual.

  14. Yeah, I’m gonna get on that cake making probably in the next week. I’ll probably run by the store today to get the stuff. Can’t wait to see what kind of nuttery you’ve come up with this time.

    The show was interesting. I did a tribue to Richard Wright, the keyboardist for Pink Floyd, who died yesterday. Played loads of goth and industrial bands covering Pink Floyd songs. I’ll try to have the playlist up on my MySpace by the end of the day.

    Hope math class was at least semi-awesome…well, as awesome as math class gets anyway.

  15. Damn! I’m sorry now I missed it! I’m a huge Floyd fan and that sounds like it would have been a good show.

  16. Yeah, it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t bad at all. I would have like to have gotten more in, but ran out of time. Hate that you missed it.

  17. Aw I love Floyd too! I’m sure that was amazing 😀

  18. Much of what was played came from a Pink Floyd tribute album called A Saucerful of Pink. I suggest it to anyone who’s a Floyd fan. I was pleasantly surprised by the few Syd Barrett tracks that were on there. The songs range from stuff from the first album all the way to The Wall. I also played some random covers here and there, including a great cover of “Wish You Were Here” by Rasputina. That came from an all-covers album they did called The Lost and Found. They also do great covers of “Bad Moon Rising” by CCR, and “Tourniquet” by Marilyn Manson.

  19. Wow, I would be interested in hearing the cover of “Bad Moon Rising”. I may have to look it up.

  20. Geez, between you and Matt, I’m having trouble not going out and putting like 100 bucks of Halloween/Fall stuff on my credit card…

  21. DC, It’s pretty good. I’m sure you could probably find it pretty easily on the interwebs. Actually I recommend just about anything by Rasputina really.

    Annette, I tell ya, I’ve spent more money because of X-E than anything. Thanks to Matt I’m now hooked on stupid Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash and next week I’m doing some serious Halloween shopping for my apartment. I’ll prolly keep most of that stuff up all year round though.

    Coming up I’ll be doing a couple more quick Batman posts, then it’s full on Halloween for the next month or so, so stay tuned. I’m going to try to write one tonight after work.

    Speaking of writing, what’s all this Hiatus jazz? Get on it, woman!

  22. Deej you could have had a 2 liter a while ago but you disappeared and I never got your address to send it to you so I kinda drank it! When the supply runs out this year in your area I’ll be sure to keep you hooked up provided you tell me where to send it.

  23. Dan, Thanks loads. So Sorry about that. I just kind of let the busy-ness of work and everything get the better of me there. Thanks for the effort though. Luckily, I’m up to my eyeballs in it now.

    Speaking of getting stuff in the mail, just as I was about to leave for work today the mailman rode up and gave me….

    My groovy Spider-Man tin that I won in DC’s Great Spider-Man Giveaway! I haven’t even opened it yet though. I’m waiting till I get home from work tonight so I can take pictures of it and document the event in a new post. I had something else planned for my next post but that can wait. This is too fun.

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