December: The Recap

Heeey there, folks. Finally got round to writing something else. Man, I’ve been so absent from well, everything, really. My poor little blog’s been so lonely. Thanks you guys for stopping by every now and again and keeping him company. I would like to say I was spending all my time over at the X-E Advent, but the sad truth is I wasn’t. I have a terrible, terrible confession to make. For all my preperation and investigation into the grand Box 23 conspiracy, I have yet to read Day 1 of the actual calendar. Here we are, Jan. 4th and this year’s Advent’s done come and gone. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. The first few days got away from me and I just kept putting it off and putting it off and now it’s gone. I think I’ll spend the next year anxiously hitting the refresh page waiting for the next one to start—starting now.

A lot’s happened since I wrote the last post–some good, some not good at all. I’m not going to sugar coat it. This December was probably the worst I’ve had in years. There were some good parts though, and I’ll get to those in a minute. I’ll just start out with the worst of it, and we’ll get better as we go along, shall we? Hopefully ’09 will be the same.

Ok, getting the worst part of it out the way. A while back in this post, I mentioned that one of my best friends was battling cancer and most likely wouldn’t make it to the end of the year. Well, unfortunately I was right. Her name was Laura and on December 8th, we lost her. She has been one of my best friends in the world and like a sister to me for the past 8 years. I spent the last week of her life staying up every other night at her house helping out the family with her pain meds and just sitting up talking to her. Watching one of your best friends slowly pass away is not something I hope anyone else has to go through, but she isn’t in any more pain and that makes it a little better. The night before she died, I and two of our other best friends stayed up with her all night monitering her meds and just talking. She was sound asleep the whole time but we stayed up watching 120 Minutes and VH1 Classic and just talked about music and reminisced about high school and the music we loved then and now. We had a few good laughs. Even though Laura was sound asleep, it was exactly the kind of thing she would have loved–just having her best friends around talking and laughing. Even though we knew she had only days left and could go at any time, it was great to have one last night with her. Around 5:30 the next day she was gone. I was at home when I got the call. It was a Monday night and I just happened to have my radio show that night. I decided to make it a tribute show and played nothing but her favorite songs and bands. Here’s the playlist.

If you care to check it out, here’s her obit. Take a look at it and you can kind of get an idea of what a beautiful, amazing person she was and how many people she affected. On a side note, I’ve talked to a lot of you individually through IM’s and you’ve been really supportive and I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you. Thanks for being so cool.

Well, moving along. The economy’s in the pisser. And after 2 months of unemployment because of layoffs at my company, I’m getting really antsy for a job. Anybody got one laying around? I’ll take it. Anything. Really. I’m a decent cook. I can clean. I’m fairly cute. I’m sure we can work something out…if you know what I mean. Hey baby…you want a date?

What else? Oh yeah, that whole Christmas thing! Well, as much as this month has sucked and I spent way too much money on gifts for everyone…money that really needs to go to, oh I don’t know…rent…the one good thing that stands out in December is the amazing gift haul I got this year. I really wish my parents wouldn’t spend so much money every year because I know they can’t afford it. But, at least this year they stuck to the lists that I gave them. For the first time ever, I actually got the things I asked for. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m INCREDIBLY grateful for whatever gifts I get, but both my parents have a really bad habit of begging me for a list, glancing at that list, and then promptly ignoring it and buying me like $200 worth of stuff I’ll never use and don’t want. I MIGHT get one thing I asked for. I still have things in my closet from like 2 Christmases ago that I’ll never use. My mom also is of the opinion that if it can’t be found at Wal-Mart, I ain’t getting it. I’m convinced that she is physically incapable of shopping anywhere else. But this year it all changed. While Mom didn’t leave the safe-haven of Wally-World, I did get nearly everything I asked for, as well as a few nice surprises. It was definitely unexpected and I’m really grateful for it. In a month full of disappointment, loss, paranoia, fear of not finding a job, and all the other crap, this year’s haul was pretty sweet.

There was one stand-out gift though. The one that got me the most jazzed. This bad boy right here:


Can you believe I haven’t even popped it in the dang PS3 yet? I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m so excited to get it cause the first one was one of the best games I’ve ever played, but I’ve just been so busy job hunting and everything that I haven’t touched it yet. Plus, I borrowed another one from my cousin that he just got done with and I think I’m going to play that one first. As soon as I get down with some Resistance 2 I’ll let you guys know. The last few months for video games have been CA-RAY-ZEE. I can’t believe how many kickass games are out now and are going to be out in the first half of ’09. Too bad I can’t get paid to just play games all day. How do you get that job, is what I want to know.

Also on the positive side, I got my first ever Christmas tree. My mom had it tucked away in a closet somewhere and let me have it. Try not to be overwhlemed by the sheer magnitude of it. You might need to stand back.


I know it doesn’t trump the size and magnificance that is DC’s tree, but it’s not too bad for a first one. See that bear ornament on the left there? I would have liked to have hung it on the actual tree, but it’s so small and light that after hanging the bear on it, it just tumbled over. You can see it does have some little people hanging on it though. We’ve got the obligatory nativity scene on the right. In the back, on the right you can see this groovy Coke bottle that they were selling at Wal-Mart. It’s shaped like an ornament. Once again, no luck on actually hanging it anywhere, seeing as it’s half the size of the actual tree. That’s a candy jar on the back left there. When I was a kid my great-aunt always had a tradition of putting peanut M&M’s in candy jars during Christmas, and since I get high on nostalgia like it’s Columbian blow, my goal is to fill that up with peanut M&M’s and maybe relive some of the Christmases of my childhood. I still actually haven’t put anything in it. Maybe once I do and finish off all the M&M’s, that will be the final nail on the coffin of the lingering Christmas mood.

You may be wondering what that green, coffin shaped thing taking the front and center position in front of the tree is. It’s a little thing called…SCARY SKELETONS!


In the last post I mentioned that I picked up a bunch of rad stuff at the after-Halloween sale at Target. Well, this is one of them. I never got round to writing a big post about all that stuff, so I’m just going to cover it a little bit here and there. You got a problem with that? If you can’t appreciate the mash-up of Halloween and Christmas, well, you just don’t belong here. So walk your happy ass on home.

Man, I had no idea Scary Skeletons could get me that worked up. Well, if you don’t know what it’s all about, it’s essentially the modern version of MR. BONES.


Mr. Bones was one of the million little things that used to get me all giddy around September when I was a kid. Sadly, I haven’t seen anything of the ilk in years and years. I made it a personal mission to find some Mr. Bones this year and instead came across Scary Skeletons. You might liken it to the descendant of Mr. Bones, or the next evolutionary step. I prefer to think of it as Michael Bay’s Optimus Prime compared to the comfortable Optimus I grew up with. You can put a bunch of shitty flames on him and fancy him up and put him in a crap movie, but at the end of the day we still had Peter Cullen doing the voice. Scary Skeletons is just the newest tarted up version of an old classic that didn’t need to be changed in the first place–all in the name of appealing to some almighty youth market. Sigh. Don’t worry Mr. Bones. I remember you.

Which brings us to the New Year. In keeping with the tradition of the rest of this crappy December, it was pretty sub-par. Every year my friends and I ring in the New Year at our favorite dive, The Art Bar, where I DJ live shows occasionally (I used to have a monthly gig there). Well, this year, I seemed to be the only one willing or interested to go out. They were all either at work at their respective restaurants or just didn’t feel like coming out at all because they had to be at work the next day. I showed up and didn’t really know anybody. I walked around for about 20 minutes and went home. When the ball dropped I was at home by myself, watching Dick Clark and sipping a Dr. Pepper. Could be worse, I guess.

Couple more random, totally unrelated things I wanted to talk about–So, I’ve become a little bit of a cook lately. Now, I know I’m no Squee4242, but I’m coming along. I’ve taken to baking a lot of chicken and pork chops lately, but something really odd happened the other day. I baked up this little concoction with chicken breasts covered with a sort of gravy comprised of cream of mushroom soup and onion soup mix, mixed together. After it was all cooked up, and the leftovers were tucked away in the fridge, I put the pan that I baked it in, in the sink. Well, several hours later, this is what became of the gravy:


BRAINS!!!!! Brains in a pan!!!

Here it is, brain-less and on a plate:


Obviously, much more appealing here, in it’s non congealed, zombie-food form. What we’re seeing here is a chicken breast, wild rice, and steamed veggies. That’s orange juice in my infernal, plastic chalice of doom there. Spooooky juuuuice!!!!

One last bit of housekeeping: Apparently, there’s been some confusion about my IM handle at the radio show. It was changed a while back, thanks to some help from Dan. If you want to send me an IM at the staion while I’m on the air via AIM, it’s now: wuscradio

Tomorrow night will be my last 3 hour show of the Christmas break. I’ll be getting started around 9pm and going till midnight (eastern time). After that I’ll be going back to my usual 10pm-12am slot…at least for another week or so. The new schedule starts in a couple of weeks and there’s a possibility I’ll have the new 8-10pm slot I’ve been asking for. I’ll make an announcement about that as soon as I find out for sure. Here’s the official little “press blurb” that tells you all you need to know about the show:

“Dark Entries: Goth Radio” w/ DJ D
Monday nights 10pm-12am
WUSC 90.5 FM and HD1–Columbia, SC
Streaming live at: WUSC 90.5
On-air DJ Phone: 803-576-9872
On-air DJ AIM: wuscradio
DJ D’s MySpace
Goth, Darkwave, Industrial, EBM, Death Rock, Horror

12 Responses to “December: The Recap”

  1. Don’t underestimate the tree. It’s not the full 2 feet that is mine, but it still looks good. Plus, I don’t have a nifty coffin sitting in front of mine!

  2. Hey, you at least had a tree!

    Besides, it’s not how big it is, it’s how much joy and feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction it brings deep inside!

  3. Besides, it’s not how big it is, it’s how much joy and feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction it brings deep inside!


  4. D, glad you’re back. We missed you!

  5. Thanks. I’m glad I’m back too, and we also missed you.

    And by we, I mean me and all the other people in my head.

  6. Mr. Bones…those were awesome. It was always so hard to decide which body parts to eat first. The skull was always last though!

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friend, she seems like quite a lady. Love the playlist too; I’m finding them on youtube one by one and listening while I catch up on all my bloggys.

  7. I had forgotten about your brain gravy when I requested a meal last time. I hope the spaghetti sauce didn’t turn into a brain resembling concoction…hmmm. However, in your defense the finished plate of food there does look yummy. So….get in the kitchen and make me some pie!

    I’m trolling around other blogs now since the possibility of me putting up another post is pretty slim. (sigh)

  8. Wow, Resistance 2! I have that too, it’s freakin’ awesome. Love the multiplayer. If you wanna add me as a friend or play some matches or something sometime, my PSN ID is: randomdraft

    Yeah, it’s a sucky name. I let the Playstation pick one for me randomly.

  9. I never did take the time to give my condolences to you for your loss. I’m really sorry, man.

  10. Hazard I haven’t checked out multiplayer yet mostly cause my modem is in my bedroom while the PS3 is in the living room, but as soon as I get an ethernet cable long enough to reach, I’m gonna give it a shot. I’ll keep you in mind. Thanks!

    Will Thanks a lot. I really appreciate that.

  11. I still don’t see no damn Slurpee story!!

  12. The whole adventure wore me out last night and I went straight to bed after dinner. I worked a double today and just got home. I’ll be up tonight so I think I’ll do it while it’s still fresh in my mind. Can’t wait to relive it all…

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