One for all the Tim and Eric Naysayers…

Ok, so I’m getting way behind in all this. I’ve got a couple of movie reviews I’ve been promising, and I think after seeing last night’s Battlestar Galactica finale, I HAVE to write something about that. But before that, I want to fire off this quick one.

I know Tim and Eric Awesome Show (Great Job!) is an acquired taste, and I know it’s not for everybody and some of you just out right hate it. (I’m lookin’ at you, Dan!), but I defy you to not find the humor in what you’re about to see.

Patton Oswalt + Tim and Eric = Song That I’ll Be Annoying All My Friends With For the Next 2 Weeks. (I just finished singing it into someone’s voice mail a few minutes ago)

I’ll let you wrap your brains around that one for a while…BSG talk coming later tonight. Abso-lutely!


7 Responses to “One for all the Tim and Eric Naysayers…”

  1. Finally, someone else that loves this! I personally think that the first ep was the best one, but there have been quite a few episodes that were awesome. Basically, any episode that includes Dr. Steve Brule, Uncle Muscles Hour and/or The Beaver Boys are solid winners.

    This show is much funnier if you’re aware of two things: Actual shitty Public Access shows (where, among others, they found David Liebe Hart and James Quall) and the second series of “Look Around You,” a BBC show that parodied educational programs of the 60’s/70’s (the dead-on parody series 1) and the 80’s (the gag-based series 2). There is clear influence from both, and I personally think that the show has BETTER production values than anything that has ever come out of the Public Access shows they parody. Seriously, look up “David Liebe Hart” on Youtube, his show was hilariously creepy.

    I wondered if any of the non-celebs on the show are either actors pretending to be crappy, or the real deal. Looking up David & Quall on Youtube…they’re for real, folks. I personally love James Quall, it’s incredibly hard not to. He’s so horrible, but he’s completely honest and very passionate about entertaining to a point where he’s immediately likeable.

    Yeah, my fave bits are Casey and His Brother, Brules Rules, and any of the Cinco products. Speaking as a video editor, I admire them for the technical aspect of the show and how creative and difficult a lot of their effects are. I also like the whole thing about recreating old 80’s looking cable access shows, with poor production values and everything. I can only imagine that David Liebe Hart is a complete nut job in real life. He doesn’t seem to be completely balanced.

  2. Deej I’ll give you credit fro trying to change my opinion but it ain’t happening. Besides I never said Patton Oswalt wasn’t funny (but this is by far the best example of his work. Still waiting on the funny my friend, still waiting on the funny.

    You will be converted. Oh yes. You will…

  3. I’ve never even heard of this before. Patton Oswalt is funny though. Always liked his stuff.

    It comes on late at night on Adult Swim and the two guys that do it are seriously touched in the head. Patton Oswalt is one of my favorite comedians ever.

  4. That show is brilliant. I love the cable access type feel about it. Spaghett!


  5. Love this show! Even when sometimes the “throw shit at a wall and see what sticks” method gets old, they knock it out of the park often enough with stuff like this that it’s totally worth it. Have you seen the Absolut Vodka ads they did with Zak Galifianakis? Hysterical:

    I saw David Liebe Hart “performing” outside of the Hollywood Bowl and gave him a dollar. That guy is NOT playing up the crazy, that guy IS crazy.

    Yeah, I’d heard from a few other people who had met him that he was for real. I can imagine. I’d like to meet him to see just how much of a wackadoo he really is. Yeah, I had seen that Jack Galifianakis thing before. I like it when he plays the childrens acting coach too…”Write that down”…”Write that down too”…”I NEVER said that!”

  6. I love Zach Galifinakis, and he’s hilarious as Tairy Greene.

  7. I have to admit that made me chuckle a little bit. I’m usually all for absurd humor but Tim and Eric is way too oblique, even for me.

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