Different Strokes

Just firing off a quickie. I’ve got much bigger stuff to write about, but it’s been a little bit since the last one and I just wanted to get this in there. Oh, comments to your comments have been posted on the previous post so check that out, blah, blah, dee blah…

Here’s a few things that have gone down since the last time we spoke…

Neighbors From Hell update: They’re gone! They’re gone! Thank God almighty, they’re gone! Zippity-doo! I have no idea when some new people will eventually move in, but for now, just like Depeche Mode, I’m enjoying the silence.

Critter update: You know my Omen Bird? Well, since I wrote the last post, it was perched out on the back porch every single night. I’d finish up dinner, wash up the dishes, and just like clockwork, I’d open my back door and there he’d be, perched in his spot. I grew not to fear him, but to appreciate his company…until about a week ago…the day the neighbors moved out. That was the last time I saw him. Now I’m starting to think he wasn’t there to warn me of some impending doom, but rather to protect me. Seeing the threat was gone, he left. 😦 Weirdest thing, though. The frog came back, and has been on my front porch almost every night. Did the bird become a frog? Did the frog eat the bird? The mind boggles…

Job update: No update, really. Same old same old. “Everything looks good, looks like you’ve got plenty of experience, we’ll probably call you soon, yadda, yadda yadda…”

Yeah, I’ll be homeless within the month.

So, here’s how the day went. I had an appointment earlier today, then went by my one of my favorite restaurants down the street to drop off an application. Sure, almost a year ago I was a working professional, making great money with great benefits, but one layoff and a year later, and now it’s come down to possibly waiting tables at a burger joint. Yeah, that’s where we are.

Anyway I spoke to the manager the other day when I picked up the application and he told me that when I returned it to give it to the owner and speak to him directly. Well, the owner wasn’t there, so I decided I would come back later tonight after he came in. So I went back out to the car, put the key in the ignition, turned it…and nothing. Wouldn’t start. I’m not surprised really. I’ve been having some trouble with it lately not wanting to start right away and actually planned on putting it in the shop this week or next, but hoped it didn’t come down to having it towed from somewhere. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the starter, because everything electric seems fine.

So I headed back in, sat at the bar, and planned on calling the mechanic I usually go to. Couldn’t find their card in my wallet (still don’t know why it wasn’t there…it’s always there–Omen Birdfrog probably got it), so I borrowed the bar’s phone book. There were a couple of grizzled old guys sitting at the bar who both rattled off the names of a few places they recommended and I ended up settling on one those because I had heard good things about it (my usual place was a little farther away and I was looking to take it some place close to home in case I had to walk to pick it up). So I made the call. Tow truck’s on its way.

While waiting, I struck up a conversation with the manager and told him why I was there in the first place. Maybe he felt sorry for me because he took my application and told me he would give it to the owner directly when he came in. He said they just lost 4 of their best people recently and were looking to hire someone and that he would do his best to hook me up. So, at least there’s that. The car was towed and I walked home.

I came in, had dinner, and proceeded to clean up a little. I opened up the back door to put something in the trash, and guess who was there, perched on the back awning. Nice to see you again, Omen Bird!

Sooo, to brighten my mood a little, and hopefully yours, I submit the following. I went to a birthday party for a friend of mine the other day. She’s obviously in the middle here, complete with princess hat, balloon hat, and Harry Potter glasses. I’m on the left.

stroking out

Somebody want to explain exactly what the hell is wrong with me here? Does having a stroke cause memory loss? Because I don’t even remember this picture being taken and it looks like I’m in the middle of stroking out.

4 Responses to “Different Strokes”


    what’s wrong with me?

    Sorry, been reading the trolling at X-E.

    Please tell me all about your G.I. Joe Movie experience.
    my BIL, who is only 20… he says it’s awesome. But he liked Transformers 2.

    I say it’s not G.I. Joe unless Shipwreck is in it.
    So give the dish, boy-ee.

    I agree. I was really bummed out by the lack of quality characters. What, no Roadblock? What the hell is that? The thing that G.I. Joe has going for it is that it really is a live action cartoon and it knows that’s what it is. Michael Bay actually tried to pass off Transformers 2 as if it was a good movie with a serious love story and everything, only he failed. I think he he thinks he’s actually a good filmmaker, despite the fact that Transformers 2 was one of the biggest pieces of crap I’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting through. G.I. Joe doesn’t do that. It totally knows what it is and just has fun with it. There are lots of great gadgets and vehicles and explosions and everything. The action scenes are great and everything is completely over the top and cartoonish and unrealisitic and great. It made me feel like I was a kid again watching the cartoon in my pajamas and eating cereal.

    The downside? There are a few:

    –The major one is that The Baroness is given the most retarded and ridiculous backstories I’ve ever seen. They took one of the coolest characters in the whole series and completely ruined her. It almost ruined the entire movie for me.

    –The lack of characters that we all have been wanting to see for a long time.

    –Channing Tatum as Duke. Dude can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag. Even a year ago when they released the first pics of the actors I thought he looked totally wrong for the part, and I was right. He was crap.

    –The lack of a few vehicles I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. No Hiss Tank and no Trouble Bubble. Lame.

    –Cobra Commander’s mask. Beyond stupid. HOW HARD would it have been to just stick with the original design? Seriously. They always have to take things that worked just fine the first time around and completely screw them up for no good reason.

    –Snake Eyes’ lips. You’ll see what I mean when you see it. Snake Eyes was actually one of the good points of the movie but his mask has these giant lips carved into it. Kind of distracting.

  2. You’re sucking a scotch through an invisible straw? Either that or you just sat on something rather ‘uncomfortable’…

    Given that we were at a CeCe’s at the time I doubt I was sucking on a scotch. However, given that we were at a CeCe’s it is possible I was sitting on something uncomfortable.

  3. My mom has spiders on her porch. Giant, gargantuous spiders. I’d much rather have the bird. That sucks about the job. I’ve been out of work for almost 8 months and start at a new place tomorrow. Not at all my dream job and it pays crappy but at least it’s paying. And I think you look a little like the church lady from SNL in that picture.

    Congrats on the new job! I’ve got a promising interview lined up for next Friday, so I might finally be back to work myself soon. It’s nothing I’m excited about, but the pay is potentially much better than were I was before.

    Spiders are the bane of my existence. I’ve been killing them left and right in my apartment lately and it seems every other day I’m knocking down a new web out on the front porch. There’s only one explanation for it that I can think of…

    Could it be…SATAN!!???

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