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Me, my cat bite, and my Johnson.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 25, 2010 by DJ D

I’ve been cat-sitting for a while. I’ve shown a pic of him once or twice here. A friend of mine asked me to take in him last fall when he fell at work and broke his back and had to move back in with his parents. They have 3 big dogs in the house and the cat wouldn’t get along there too well. It was supposed to be a temporary thing just until he got back on his feet and got another place. Then he’d take the cat back. Well, that was almost a year ago and he’s supposidly not showing any sign of healing up or getting out of his parents’ house any time soon. The cat’s pretty sweet but has this constant compulsion to bite anything and everything. I was petting him last night after I came in from work and he got me pretty good. He’s bitten me before, sometimes lightly just as he was playing around, and sometimes out of anger, and it always stung, but it wasn’t anything that didn’t heal up after a couple of days. I’ve had a cat of my own for 17 years so I’m no stranger to getting a cat bite here and there. But this one kind of has me a little worried. I noticed late last night that it was starting to swell around the bite marks. The swelling hasn’t gone down and it’s all red and the area around it still hurts. I Googled “cat bites”, and everything I read makes it sound like it could be infected. I consider myself to be a pretty tough little guy, but despite my Cherokee/Scottish background, deep down inside me is a neurotic little Jewish man that’s already convinced this will lead to my entire arm swelling up and rotting off. I gave some serious thought to going to the doctor today but seeing that I’m a little skint for cash, can’t find my insurance card, and can’t find anything that’s open on a Sunday I decided to wait till tomorrow when I could maybe ask for a day off sometime this week.

Here’s the offending wound. He got me with one bottom tooth and one top tooth. You can see the two marks there. Anyone know anything about infections? What am I up against here?


So, on a totally unrelated topic, to de-stress myself from money tightness, job stress, and possibly infected animal bites, here’s a little something that makes me crack up into a juvenile laughing fit every time I see it. And yes, this was a real commercial. The 80’s were such a more innocent time, weren’t they?

First ever VLOG.

Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2010 by DJ D

Well, the title pretty much says it all. Yesterday at work I won a Flip video camera. It’s pretty cool and apparently retails for around $200. I’ve been wanting to do a little vlogging action for a while so here we are. I have to apologize for the whole thing though. I hadn’t shaved, I was kind of tired, and with it being my first time, it never occured to me to actually LOOK at the dang camera. I look as shifty as Michael J. Fox with a bad case of pee-pee dance. Also, you’re talking about someone who went to school to study video and film editing and worked as a video editor uploading videos to websites. So, shooting and posting this thing without editing or doing anything cool with it at all physically hurts my soul. But I just wanted to get the thing up there, so there you have it. Be gentle. It’s my first time. Oh, and big thanks to KB. Without her, none of this would have been possible. It’ll make sense when you watch it.