First ever VLOG.

Well, the title pretty much says it all. Yesterday at work I won a Flip video camera. It’s pretty cool and apparently retails for around $200. I’ve been wanting to do a little vlogging action for a while so here we are. I have to apologize for the whole thing though. I hadn’t shaved, I was kind of tired, and with it being my first time, it never occured to me to actually LOOK at the dang camera. I look as shifty as Michael J. Fox with a bad case of pee-pee dance. Also, you’re talking about someone who went to school to study video and film editing and worked as a video editor uploading videos to websites. So, shooting and posting this thing without editing or doing anything cool with it at all physically hurts my soul. But I just wanted to get the thing up there, so there you have it. Be gentle. It’s my first time. Oh, and big thanks to KB. Without her, none of this would have been possible. It’ll make sense when you watch it.


13 Responses to “First ever VLOG.”

  1. Blasphemy! You need to eat it on toast with butter…real butter not any of that Wal-Mart Canola spread. Better yet, leave the South, drive to MN, on to Hell’s and then continue on and head to Washington. Oh, and pick up Amy on the way…

    I just calls ’em like I sees ’em. Maybe I am eating it the wrong way. I’ll try it the way you suggested next time. As for your plan for the road trip, I am all for that. Although, can you imagine that? The two of us on a road trip together? I’m pretty sure it would end with Amy pulling up at your place in my car. And after you asked her where I was, the response would be something like, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just say I couldn’t handle listening to Skinny Puppy anymore”. Meanwhile, the feint sound of muffled screams are coming from the trunk.

  2. Now you know how I felt when I was doing the taste tests, the combined feelings of “jeez, how long have I been chewing on camera?” and “oh god, what the heck have I started to chew on?!” Facial expressions reveal all!

    You have no idea how much I laughed when I heard you say “And that’s all I got to say about that”.

    Why’s that, exactly? Was it a little Forrest Gumpy? I honestly thought you would have had more fun with, “It tastes like it smells, and I can’t describe how it smells”.

    • Teensy bit. I did wonder just why you couldn’t describe what it smells like…whether politeness or lack of the right words

      It was totally because of the lack of words. There’s no time for politeness or discretion when it comes to reviewing northern peanut butter.

  3. Oh, and, damn I forgot to say: You won a Flip?! That is absolutely awesome, I am much in awe and envy.

    Yeah, they give all kinds of stuff away. I’m going to be in a drawing for an iPad next so I’m shooting for that. A couple of lucky bastards even won a 46 inch plasma TV about a month ago.

    • You win an iPad and you better be getting me a job there…

      I wouldn’t do that to you. Trust me. Don’t be swayed. If you knew what I have to put up with every day you’d know it’s not worth it.

  4. I still think it looks good! Too bad it needs refrigeration, we could make it the travelling peanut butter. Not that I would video myself eating it–I don’t even like people watching me eat in person, much less online for eternity.

    Nice first effort! You did look a little antsy though. Maybe it’s all the tea.

    It needs refrigeration? That’s news to me. Maybe that was the problem. It did have a lot of that watery, oily stuff on the top that peanut butter gets if you leave it out too long. I didn’t mention it in the vid, but I actually drained a lot of that out and dabbed it with a paper towel before I did anything. I’m all for sending it to you if you want to start passing it around. That would be fun. I might give it another go and see if I get another result, but after that, I wouldn’t be oppposed to parting with it for the sake of fun blogging. Oh, and the world has been waiting to watch you eat something undignified. You’re not going to deprive us of that are you? Come on, all the cool kids are doing it. You don’t want to be square, do you?

    • I could swear I heard you read “refrigerate after opening” right off the label. If not, hell YES send it to me.

      Another thing…natural peanut butter separates (oil from solid) and has to be stirred before eating because it doesn’t have all the creepy additives to keep it emulsified. One trick is to store it upside down for some reason–I don’t know why that helps, but I’ve seen it done. I wonder if it tasted weirder because you drained the stuff off instead of stirring it back in.

      I’m not trying to be a smarty pants, but YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG, hahahahaha. 🙂

      Well, excuse me for not knowing all the up-to-date peanut butter protocol. And yes, expect a jar in the mail in the near future. Wait…do I even have your address? I think so. Yeah, I’ll take a look and let you know.

  5. I had no idea you were such a peanut butter enthusiast/connoisseur. I’d probably stick to Jiffy as well, the Hell’s Kitchen didn’t look all that good. But maybe it’s b/c I don’t like chunky peanut butter. Anyway, congrats on winning the camera, thanks for the shout out, and looking forward to more vlogs.

    I actually love chunky PB, and after looking at it for the first time, I thought it would be great and I was really looking forward to it, but it was…ahem, interesting. Yeah, I have a better shout-out planned just for you later on. It’ll make sense when you see it.

  6. Your face at 5:35 was priceless. I think it comes right after you describe Hell’s Kitchen peanut butter as “bumpy.” I don’t care for peanut butter unless it’s wrapped in chocolate or celery. But good to know that PBJ will keep you going. Thank you for the song!

    I think peanut butter and chocolate is just about one of the greatest things on God’s green earth. I have a serious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup habit that I need to work on. That and Dr. Pepper are my two biggest vices that I just can’t kick. But not at the same time though. That’s a bit much. I’m so glad someone else knows the deliciousness of peanut butter and celery. When I tell my friends that I like to eat that they all think I’m crazy, but I grew up on it. As for the song, it’s like a compulsion. I can’t say your name without murmuring it to myself. I’m not sure if you should be flattered by that or not.

  7. Dude, this made my whole day. Amazing. We need more for sure.

    I might have another one in the near future. That was kind of a trial run and I wasn’t too happy with it. The next one will be better…and won’t involve me uncomfortably eating on camera.

  8. Next time you do a video, you have to include your epic impressions, Deej. Chav on a bus. Souther schoolgirl in french class.

    I’m not making any promises on that. I have limits to how I embarrass myself on camera. That’s more of an “in-person” kind of thing.

  9. I’m sorry, I’m not going to be able to check this out for a while. I still have no internet at home and the new job has me hell of busy, that I can’t see it at work. I saw a minute or two-up until you showed the ipod. I’ll eventually get around to watching this…somewhere. 😦

    Hmf. A likely story.

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