It’s Fun To Have Friends

Well, lookee what we have here. I know a few of you are thinking right now that you’re dreaming and this can’t be. Oh, it be. You see, a few weeks ago a few friends sent me a few things. They were intended to be opened before Halloween and definitely before my birthday (Which was on Tues, Nov 2nd btw. Feel free to wish me a Happy Late B-Day in the comments if you like. Not that I’m drawing attention to it or anything). But, procrastination is a tempting whore, and well, here we are.

But enough talk. We’ve waited long enough. I present to you, the It’s Fun To Have Friends vlog!

8 Responses to “It’s Fun To Have Friends”

  1. I love that she sent you a bunch of gay porn. That girl is rad.

    It was so hard to give you that Zagnut bar. I’d never had one and I saw them at Cracker Barrel (lol) and thought of the movie. I got two because that was the sale, and Becky and I ate the one and it was effing heaven. God I sound like an old lady telling a story with no point.

    I’ll let you know when I eat the Zagnut. I’ve actually never had one, believe it or not. I like your old lady stories though.

  2. The reaction to my choice of packing paper was worth the wait.

    What Mini Figs did you get?

    Still haven’t opened them yet. Maybe that will be in the next post…whenever I get round to writing that.

  3. Happy belated birthday Deej!! 🙂


  4. Sorry the Ninja Wall crawlers were such an epic failure. Ah, well. I’m sure it was at least a tiny bit fun throwing them at the wall. 😛

    They were. And yes, it was.

  5. Hahaha… your reaction to that nine-level Dante’s Inferno of Dicks was utterly priceless.

    It’s nice to know I could document my humiliation and shame on video for all the world to see. Thanks Mystie. I’ll spend the next 6 months trying to scrub my brain.

  6. I gotta agree with Jugendsehnsucht, your reaction was priceless! Sorry I didn’t comment on this sooner, I’ve evidently been living under a rock recently.

    Understandable. I know you have a lot going on there. But get out from under that rock and join the rest of us, for God’s sake…

    Yeah, like I’m one to talk…

  7. Porn and Kool-Aid. Must have been a great birthday!

    You know, until now, I never realized what a great combination that was. Like I said, it’s fun to have friends.

  8. Happy Birthday!


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