All It Took Was An All-Nighter

Five months??? That’s how long it’s been? Holy jeez. As I start to type this, it’s nearly 7am on Monday morning and I decided last night that I would pull a total all-nighter. Not in the sense of staying up drinking and partying, but more in the sense of catching up with all of the blogs that I normally read but have been neglecting for the past few months. And if I got a wild hair up my behind, I’d actually, oh, I don’t know…write something myself. So, here you have it. My sleep schedule’s been complete caddywompus lately. Well, caddywompus by society’s standards, but totally normal for me. By that, I mean that I’ve been staying up until at least 5am every night and sleeping well into the afternoon. That’s my normal mode of operation because the devil knows I’m a night owl. But, it’s kind of got to stop because I am, after all, supposed to be job hunting (for 8 damn months now) and finding some way to pull money out of thin air to pay for school if I expect to go back next spring.

So as I write this, the sun is coming up and I’m sipping coffee (oh lord, how I loves mah coffee) and listening to the same thing I’ve been listening to for the last 4 hours, a litany of dark ambient tunes by ZOAR, Dead Can Dance, and a bunch of other bands that sound like ZOAR and Dead Can Dance. It’s great for background noise and perfectly adding to the darkly energized, yet zombified state that I find myself in at the moment. So, consider this post a metaphor for my state right now; not really waking up from a slumber per se, but rather that I’ve been awake all this time, floating by, zombified…but finally ready to jump back into action. Time to jumpstart this thing and get to writing again.

p.s. Something fun and necessary happened this week. I finally ditched my 6-year old piece of crap Sprint phone and went with a fancy pants Verizon Droid Incredible 2. I’m in love with it so far. So, as a treat for all of 3 of you who have actually waited for me to write something again, I present to you, by way of my new phone and its forward-facing camera, picture taking technology, a glimpse of what DJ D looks like when he’s been up all night, getting by on a steady diet of pitch black coffee, blogging, and spooky music. Enjoy.

5 Responses to “All It Took Was An All-Nighter”

  1. Aw Deej, you ole cutie. I’m glad I spent a whole day celebrating you!

    Thanks! Someone should give you your own day of celebration.

  2. It’s great to see you writing again Deej! I haven’t pulled an all-nighter in quite some time. When I read “steady diet of pitch black coffee”, I thought you were drinking Pitch Black mixed with coffee. But then I realized that you were drinking black coffee. 🙂

    Yeah, now that I read back over it, it is a little confusing. To be clear, I’ve been drinking a steady diet of both Pitch Black and coffee…just not mixed together.

  3. I nearly did a similar thing when I got back from 8 days without internet this Saturday. Ended up staying up ’til 10:00am catching up on facebook and forum bullshit. Still not quite back on track yet. One thing that annoys me to no end is how goddamn slow facebook gets once you start getting back too far on the news feed. By the time I was back five days it was so slow I wanted to stab myself in the face with a bamboo skewer soaked in smallpox.

    The list of blogs and forums that I’ve been following regularly has grown to the point that I almost have to put aside a few hours out of the week to keep up on it all. I probably should scale back, but I follow them for a reason…because they actually are really good reads. As for Facebook’s speed…it’s just 1 out of 3,612 things that could be improved with that site. I think Zuckerberg’s plan is to take something that could and should be simple and make it as complicated and inefficient as possible.

  4. He’s alive!!!

    Barely. More like the walking dead. Oh, and I direct you to my reply to Jugendsehnsucht’s comment. The Pilver is most definitely one of the blogs I was talking about there.

  5. I forgot to comment on this post as well. This time I made sure to log on so WP wouldn’t moderate me….sheesh! You know, it took me a couple of attempts to log on since I haven’t been on here in so long!

    You’re looking worn out in that pic. A few more nights like that and Wendy may start looking good…D’oh.

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