Going Through Changes

Changes are in the air lately in the life of DJ D. And they are 4-fold: Seasons, Jobs, Gender (calm down, and just keep reading), and Radio:

1) Season Changes — It’s no secret that Fall is creeping up on us and I couldn’t be happier about it. The summers here are horrendous. Absolutely abysmal, and I’ll be happy to see the back of it. The temps here in the summer are usually somewhere between 90-98 degrees in the day and don’t get down much lower than that even when the sun goes down. But lately, even though the days are unbearable, the nights are at least getting fairly cool. Around here, that’s actually progress. Usually, we don’t see what you would call cold weather until right around Halloween, and I can’t wait for it to happen. December and January actually get pretty damn cold though, and while everyone else is complaining about it, I absolutely love it because I appreciate it while it lasts. I know that in a matter of months, I’m going to be bitching and moaning again. My description of our 4 seasons is as follows: Hot, Hotter, Are You Kidding Me With This Right Now?, and Jesus, It’s Cold All Of A Sudden.
But do you know what brings me hope? This:

This was at Wal-Mart the other day, right on the outskirts of the Back To School section. There were no other Halloween decorations around. Just one lone skull, a portent of fun things to come. Of course, by the time you read this, some of the stores will have already started to put things out, but I don’t believe Wally World has. Any day now, though. I’m writing this on the night of Labor Day. As far as I’m concerned, on the day after Labor Day…it’s on.

2) Job Changes — Two weeks ago I started my new job. I don’t know that I have much to say about it, other than I’ve been looking for a while, and I guess I’m relieved to have found something. I had to go through 2 weeks of training, which wrapped up on Friday. I had today off, and tomorrow I go in for my first official day of doing the work. It’s tech support, which means I’ll be spending my days talking to complete idiots on the phone and counting down the minutes to my next break. Yes, I’m happy I finally have a job after nearly a year of looking, but I’m still looking. I may still be doing this a year from now, but I hope not. Right now, I’m just glad to be getting a paycheck, although it’s not much more than I’ve been making on unemployment. I’ll miss my days of laying around, surfing for jobs online, and catching up on Desperate Housewives.

3) Gender Changes — No, not me. Settle down. But it does seem to be around me quite a bit lately. I’ve gotten to this weird point in my life in which I am regularly interacting with not one, but two transexuals. I’ve been driving down to Columbia lately (the reason why is coming up in #4) and while down there, I’ve been stopping by my old place of employment, which happens to be one of the biggest comic book stores in the country. I usually swing by and pick up a few back issues of whatever series I’m reading at the moment, and since it’s usually on a Sunday, the person working at the counter is my old co-worker, Dana. Dana didn’t always used to be Dana though. When I worked there, she was David. David was always an odd bird. He was just a tad on the feminine side, tended to wear women’s blouses to work, and feminine earrings. I thought nothing of it until I saw him at my favorite dive bar one weekend in full drag. He was introducing himself as Dana and wouldn’t answer to anything else. I don’t know if he thought no one would notice, or if he was just trying out being female for a while. Either way, it was a preview of what was to come. Of course, looking back, the thought of anyone dressing in drag at that particular bar wasn’t all that weird. He was hardly the first one and the bar hasn’t been voted “Best Place to People Watch” in the local paper for a few years in a row for nothing.

I stopped working at the store shortly after that, and actually didn’t see him for a few years. I think he may have stopped working there himself for a while, or just scaled back his hours. Fast forward a few years, and I walked in one day to find some new person working there. Some lady that I only saw from the side. The only thing I noticed was that she had long hair and was, as they say, top heavy. Sure enough it was old Dave, now full on Dana. I don’t know what the deal is with those things, if they’re the result of hormones, surgery, or a combination of the two, but I know a lot of women who were born women who would be jealous. Dana’s alright in my book. She’s always been good for conversation and is seriously passionate about comic books. I’m talking ranting and raving passionate. Sometimes it’s a little difficult to get away from her once she gets on a tear about asshole artists she’s met, or god-forbid, the new DC relaunch. But, that’s another post for another day.

Did I mention, I have two transexuals in my life? Yep, the second one’s at my new job. Her name is Erika (nee Erik), and is not nearly as far on as Dana. “She” is really just a young, effeminate gay man with long hair who identifies himself as female. We’ve all decided to respect it, although she’s not really putting quite as much work into playing the part. But, I do have to respect it. No pun intended, but it takes some real balls to live in the good-old-boy South and not only be a gay man, but decide you’re going to live as a woman, no matter how far along into that you are.

4) Radio Changes — For those of you just joining us, I have been the DJ of a radio show for the past 14 years. Last year, I had to move out of town and for nearly a year now, it’s been off the air. But, about a month ago, I decided that was enough of that, and put in my application to get the show back. It means I have to drive down to Columbia (an hour and a half away from where I live now, in my home town) once a week, but it’s absolutely worth it. During my time off the air, I’ve used Facebook and other online locations to network and promote the hell out of it. I managed to collect over 100 new “Likes” on the Facebook page in the past year, which is pretty cool for a show that wasn’t even on the air and only existed as a collection of old playlists and YouTube videos. I get new “Likes” every day and the feedback on the page has been great. I was just doing it this past Saturday night and got some great feedback from two new listeners in Australia and Ireland, both guys who discovered it online and have been waiting for their chance to finally actually listen. Looks like Facebook is good for something after all. For those of you not in the know and who are interested, here’s all you need to know. I have to give a shoutout to Jugendsehnsucht for designing this kickass flyer:

Dark Entries: Goth Radio
Saturday nights 10pm-Midnight (Eastern)
WUSC 90.5 FM — Columbia, SC
Listen here streaming live at WUSC’s website
The Dark Entries: Goth Radio Facebook Page

6 Responses to “Going Through Changes”

  1. Jugendsehnsucht Says:

    I can hear the mellotron from ‘Vol 4.’ in my head now…

    Kind of surprises me that there isn’t a T-girl actively posting at X-E (that I know of, at least), as it seems like every board I’ve ever spent any good amount of time posting on has had at least one. The metal board I hang out at has Kat, who sounds like the music version of Dana—there are few people on the planet I can think of that are as exuberantly enthusiastic about metal as she is.

    Hey, you never know. There may just be. It’s a pretty accepting place, so I’m sure we have all manner of folks on the fringe over there. There is one in particular (and I’m not naming names) who I am convinced may be slightly mentally handicapped, and I’m not even exaggerating. Either that, or nearly devoid of any skills relating to social interaction. Not that I’m comparing the two in any way, mind you. It’s just something I’ve noticed.

    • It’s me, isn’t it. Well I’ll have you know, I’m not handicapped. Just kind of a jerk.

      I haven’t decided yet, but yeah, it’s probably you. My blog takes a lot of contemplation and care. I can’t just fire these things off willy-nilly, but I’m working on at least speeding up the output. We can’t all be simian idiots. Some of us are just idiots.

  2. If you don’t update this blog on a regular basis, I am going to punch you in the nose.

    I give you a taste of Halloween, a resurrected radio show, and gender reassignment and this is the thanks I get.

  3. Like you, I can’t wait for fall! It’s my favorite season and I love seeing the Halloween stuff starting to pop up in stores.

    Transexuals are the best. I will forever treasure my voicemail from “Erika”. Yes…that happened!

    Sorry I can’t catch the show anymore. You know, with me refusing to join the 21st century and have internet at home. However, I’m rarely around on Sat nights…so it’s really your fault for not having your show on a better night…pfft.

    Oh yeah, for you folks who may be reading this comment, I sort of manipulated Erika into calling DC here and leaving her a voice mail. Poor Erika had no idea she was sort of the victim of a prank/inside joke. No harm done though. I can almost assure anyone I know that if you know me long enough, you will eventually become the victim of some sort of practical joke or social experiment, and you probably won’t even know it at the time.

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