I have bought…THE PUNKIN.

Soon, my precious. Soon.

12 Responses to “I have bought…THE PUNKIN.”

  1. Fantastic stem on that one. I’m headed out to the farm to get mine tomorrow. Scouted the place out on Friday and bought some cider and a blue hubbard squash—THE BEST variety of squash ever, if you’re so inclined to cook one up. Looks like all the rain we got here this year really helped things out, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen the pumpkins there look so big and perfect.
    Now I’ve just got to decide what to carve…

    • I was going to same the same thing: That stem is wonderful.

      • Yeah, that thing called to me as soon as I saw it. I usually pull out 3 or 4 and absolutely agonize over which one I’m going to get. It’s got to have the right shape, be big enough, and it has to have a decent stem. I usually have one that I’m leaning toward, but will keep revisiting a couple others, and then eventually end up with my first instinct anyway. I swear, people have put less thought into choosing which kid they’re going to adopt. But this time around, that stem was poking up over the rest and as soon as I picked it up, I knew that was the one. I didn’t even need to look at any others. Old “Stemmy” and me were made for each other.

    • Actually, what I said above was a complete lie—I never made it to the farm today, as I was so caught up in taking photos of all the autumn leaves everywhere that I lost track of time and they closed for the day. Which was at least as equally fun and seasonally appropriate, so I don’t feel bad about blowing it off in the slightest. I’ll get one sometime in the next couple of days for certain, though.

    • I’m actually not familiar with blue hubbard at all. I love me some butternut though (and pretty much anything in the squash family). I’ll see if I can track some down around here. Most likely at a farmer’s market, because I have a feeling none of the lame grocery stores would stock it.

      • I’ve usually got a good 8–10 pumpkins placed next to each other like a police lineup by the end of the quest. I’m just as bad when it comes to finding the perfect x-mas tree, although that gets a lot trickier, as I can’t just uproot them to put in a row and compare side-by-side. So I go around taking pictures of them and flip through them on my camera to scrutinize. If only I put this much effort into important life decisions.

        Blue Hubbard isn’t always an easy one to find; I’ve only seen it at farms, farmer’s markets, and the co-op “organic” grocery store, but never in a regular store (YMMV, living in a bigger city). Flavor-wise, they remind me of a cross between a butternut and a delicata, but the texture is absolutely amazing—it’s hands-down the smoothest squash I’ve ever had. I mixed it into some pancake batter yesterday morning, and it was fantastic.

      • Squash in your pancake batter? That’s crazytown!

  2. Wicked stem! Looks like something I would inadvertently break off. Sad but true.

  3. Great stem. There’s no way I could keep it from breaking off though. I haven’t bought a pumpkin yet but I plan to get one or several during the next two days when I’m off work.

  4. I finally got my pumpkin this past Monday. I will be carving it tonight. All of the pumpkins I’ve seen at Wal-Mart and Price Chopper were deformed or had dents or were already starting to rot. I found the best one I could at Price Chopper, for 6 friggin’ dollars!? It sits up at an angle, so it should look pretty nice when it’s all carved up. But like everyone else has said…that stem is amazing! My pumpkin ain’t got nothin’ on Stemmy. 🙂

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