Kerosene Bot

Tonight after work, I drove out of my way to go to a gas station and take this picture, because I think it’s one of the coolest robots I’ve ever seen. No, not a kerosene pump. A ROBOT. And I won’t let anyone tell me different.

4 Responses to “Kerosene Bot”

  1. Yes, it does look like a robot. But a kerosene pump??? First time I ever saw one.

  2. It’s the only one I think I’ve ever seen. I just kept staring at it expecting it to transform into a giant robot and get me mixed up in some intergalactic war for the survival of Earth and Cybertron. Either that or pump me some kerosene.

  3. Hoverbored Says:

    They sell KEROSENE at gas stations? Or is that just another name for diesel fuel or something?

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