Holy Heroes Con, Batman!


A few weeks ago, I went to the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic book convention in Charlotte. Heroes Con, for short. I used to be a hardcore comic book collector until the prices skyrocketed, and since I enjoy food and gasoline more than I enjoy Batman (but not by much), I don’t buy weekly books anymore. Instead, I get the occasional monthly title (at the moment, it’s The Walking Dead), and the only other time I buy them is at the Heroes Con every June and at a big sale every February at a store called Borderlands in Greenville, SC. Oh, and there’s also the savior of every nerd who absolutely must have some useless collectable thing that someone else is sick of — E-Bay.

I’m one of these guys that goes in with a mission. I’m only there for one day so I don’t go to the presentations or participate in discussion panels or any of that jazz. I have a list of things to buy, and from the second I walk in the door, I’m on the hunt.

So, I set about going to work. The next few hours were spent meeting two of my favorite artists, Mark Bagley and Brian Steelfreeze, and doing a lot of shopping. I was looking for some trades so I could catch up on the last 10 years worth of Green Lantern books, but you couldn’t find a DC trade in this joint if your life depended on it, so I had to settle for tracking down individual issues. I ended up pouring through dollar boxes and 50-cent boxes, filling a lot of holes in my collection, but not everything. Also, got a lot of Booster Gold stuff. I still have holes to fill, but, you know, E-Bay.


cowl and thor

This vendor was speaking my language. If you know anything about me at all, it’s that I. LOVE. BATMAN. So, when I saw this booth, I had to take some pics. Feeding into my dream of one day assembling my own fully functional Batman costume and Batmobile, these guys were my favorite thing there. You see, I don’t view the comics, films, and novels as entertainment. These are training materials for a future career. So, I fell in love with this booth right away. It was set up by MySuperHeroGuy and while the materials were pricy, it’s reasonable considering how hard it is to find a lot of this stuff. One day, my friends…one day.


cowl group

Batman Cowl Cornucopia! Check out Keaton peeking over the corner.



Most of their stuff was out of my price range, but I did pick up some packs of Batman trading cards. It’s the series based on the my favorite movie of all time. Not surprisingly, I already own this entire series of cards, but I wanted some sealed packs since it’s been 20+ years since I’ve seen any.


And yes, there was a Batmobile. You could pay like $30 or something to take a pic of you inside of it. As thrilling as that would be, I was on a buying mission and unfortunately, my parents haven’t been murdered in an alley, leaving me the heir to a billion dollar empire and a thirst for vengeance, so I had to settle for just the picture. Besides, as much as I love most of the Batmobiles, this one isn’t my favorite. I don’t think it’s exactly a surprise which one is.


I’m not going to try to make this out to be anything other than what it is. Hot girls were wearing costumes and I took pictures of them. That wasn’t my plan going in, but that’s how it shook down. I’ve made my peace with it.

poison ivy and harley quinn

These two were standing near the entrance so this was the first one I got. There were a lot of Harley Quinns there (it’s a convention staple), but this was the first I saw. It certainly wasn’t the best and I wish I’d taken pics of more (I adore Harley Quinn), but this is a good example as any of the standard original Harley look.


I have no idea who these two are supposed to be. I haven’t kept up with Marvel too much in the last 10 years or so, but the “X” on the belt on the girl on the right tells me she must be something X-Men related.


This one was the perfect example of your typical “booth babe” — not someone who just paid the fee to get in and showed up to shop and happened to go in costume, but rather a hot girl who’s set up at a table with a company and who’s job it is to stand out in front of the table and pass out their comics in order to get the attention of guys walking buy. I never fall for that. It’s going to take a lot more than a smoking hot girl in a skimpy outfit to get me to take some comic I’ve never heard of. Nope. Not me.

danger high voltage

I now own a copy of something called Danger: High Voltage by Pross Comics.


And this was the last one I took on the way out. I’m a huge Oracle fan and the fact that this girl actually turned the fact that she was confined to a wheel chair into one of the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen cemented this as my favorite one there. And I didn’t even feel weird about taking the picture.

One final note: My buddies Bo and Brockton were set up there, representing their group, Lost Story Studios. These guys do kickass work both in the field of comics and in the even more important field of zombifying anything you ever wanted zombified. Check ’em out.

2 Responses to “Holy Heroes Con, Batman!”

  1. Holy flying mushrooms, Batman! Sounds like you had a good time there. We had the usual Comic Con out here in San Diego. I’ve never been and probably not likely to go now because word has spread and now it’s such a huge event that it’s damn near impossible to get tickets.

    I know I haven’t been around the blogosphere in FOREVER, but you know me….I’m always busy…ha! Just thought I’d check in and I see new posts. Remember when we all used to keep up with our blogs regularly….ahh, memories….

    Well, you’ll still get random texts from me once in a while even if I don’t come by here as often.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing about once a week or so. I miss our blogs too, especially yours.

      I can’t imagine going to Comic Con. Just seems like a bit much for me. Usually when I go to these things, I’m in it for a specific purpose — to shop for comics and possibly meet celebrities. I don’t think I’d dig being around that much of a crowd. It just seems like too much to take in, really.

      Text any time!

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