I want to be the center of attention…

Actually, I don’t. I don’t particularly care for a lot of attention. Maybe that’s why I’m pretty quiet and soft spoken in my day-to-day life and hide behind a mic to get all my ranting out. Anyone who’s listened to my show knows that I can pretty easily get off on a rant about the sorry state of horror movies these days with remakes and all that. More on that later though. I guess this is the other place where I allow myself to just let loose and ramble on with you folks.

With that being said, I know I promised my review of Friday the 13th as my next post, but I just had to throw this short one in before I get off on another bitch fest…

See, there’s a business here in town called Pistol Creek Western Wear. I see their commercials once a week or so, and I just had to share one with you quickly. Since I have no idea when the next one will be on TV and neither do I have the ability to harness it for the interwebs (although I’m sure that’s probably relatively easy to do), I figured I would do a search of good old trusty YouTube. Sure enough, I found one. My apologies for the dodgy quality, but that’s all I could find. I’m tempted to riff on what you’re about to see, but I don’t think anything I could come up with would do it justice. It pretty much speaks for itself. So, without further ado…I present..um…this:

Trust me, they get stranger than that. I’ll try to share more as I come across them, that is if I don’t find a way to start compiling them myself. Yep, life in the south. Can’t beat it.

Hockey Head talk coming up soon…Pinky swear.

6 Responses to “I want to be the center of attention…”

  1. Ummm….ok. WTF was that all about? Grandma kinda scares me a little bit! And seriously, did we really need the guy ripping his shirt open? I’m sure Grandma enjoyed it but I really could have passed on seeing that.

    I was gonna do a F13 movie review too but I’ll leave it up to you, I need to finish one about strange potato products.


    I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it for myself.

    When the guy ripped his shirt open, I did a “HA!” and I’m glad I’m home alone. The naked dudes in the overalls were a bit iffy too. They look like they’re on their way to a gay club for some dancing. Why were people eating chips out of grandma’s hat?

    Okay, now I’m going to watch it again. And again, and again.

  3. Dan–Trust me, you haven’t seen anything yet. I’m gonna try to record them if I see another one and find a way to post it on to YouTube. This one is tame compared to some of the ones I’ve seen. And they’re all just as strange…If you wanna do a F13 review, I say go for it. It’ll be a couple of days before I can get around to doing one anyway, so knock yourself out. There can’t be too many of them. I’m looking forward to seeing your take on it.

    Amy–Always good to see you around here. Yes, these things are pretty spectacular. I still laugh out loud every time I see the guy rip his shirt open, and at the end when they’re eating out of her hat. There’s one you have to see where they keep finding excuses to do extreme close-ups on guys butts while they’re wearing the jeans. Meanwhile, Granny is saying, “We can cover your you-know-whats!”

    I never thought of it this way, but It think you summed it up pretty well. Maybe it is a strange form of hillbilly gay porn. Those guys did look like they were one their way to the disco, didn’t they?

  4. Funniest. Commercial. Ever. Thanks so much for posting it and if there are more please, please, please post them!

  5. bluesuit12–Glad you enjoyed it. They come on from time to time. I’m going to try to find a way to record them and upload them later. They’re freaking hilarious. I wonder if I actually go by there if I could meet Granny. Now THAT would be a post! Get my picture taken with her and everything. I think I might have myself an idea here…

  6. Wow…just, wow!

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